1. ZephCraft is a Survival Multiplayer Server with a ton of cool plugins and an awesome community! If you'd like to join the server, we'd love to have you! Our server address is play.zephcraft.com. Just use the Minecraft Vanilla launcher to connect. If you'd like more interaction, we have a teamspeak server at the address voice.zephcraft.com.
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Hey Everyone! I'm ThePsHolo and I'm a Moderator for Zephcraft

First off i would like to let everyone know of the newest staff members to join the ranks to just help out the server and RedZephon a little bit more.
Those people being myself 'ThePsHolo' & 'Jemez'
Secondly the whole staff team would like to just continue thanking everyone that has donated recently as it means an awful lot to us as we get to see the support coming from our very strong bonded community and we hope it stays that way. Once again thank you for your continues donations and support.

Thirdly we would like to address the "Dynamic Map", "Spawn" and "Update Timeline" questions as we are getting a few of these questions as of late.

  • The Dynamic map is an ongoing issue that we are looking into. we appreciate your feedback on the matter as it helps us determine if the issue has been fixed or not.
  • The Spawn is still an on going build up and we are constantly looking for ideas to add to the spawn. We are also aware that some of the old event items may still be floating around and this will be amended as soon as we get round to it.
  • Our update schedule is being worked on but February is a busy for all of us especially RedZephon. So we would like to ask if you all would kindly just be patient with us and we will try to get more updates to you when possible.
That's all for now folks. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Don't forget to hop on our discord because we are all usually on there!

Also Welcome to any new players that have joined the server.

P.S If any negativity is spotted in the chats or on the server we will be monitoring and acting on them if needed.
Hey Everyone! I haven't made a post in a while and I just wanted to address the community as a whole and talk about a few things.

First off I wanna say thank you to those of you who have donated recently. It is greatly appreciated and we are so glad you are enjoying the server. It really means a lot and helps the server more then you know!

Second, regarding our last post with the server crashes. These were obviously fixed. We had to make some space on the disk because they got full. Coupled with a few java issues. But those were all fixed. Server has been running smooth like a baby's bum.

We have seen a lot of new players join the server as of late, and I wanted to take the time to let you know about a few concerns I have seen pop up! First is Grief. We do have anti grief tools in the form of grief prevention. By crafting a golden shovel you can select two corners of your house or build and create a plot or claim that is protected from mobs and unwanted guests. You can trust people into this claim and subdivide it as well (great for towns!). We do have Grief Monitoring as well so we can track all block changes and restore grief if necessary, though this can be avoided by claiming the land.

As for spawn, we did have a map reset not too long ago and I have slowly been working on adding more features to the spawn town. I'm currently working on a marketplace! If you have ideas or suggestions for things you'd like to see, let us know by posting in the suggestions forum. But that might be why things look empty right now. It'll fill up soon!

I think that's all for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Don't forget to hop on the discord because I'm usually always on there!

And Welcome to all of our new players! We are really happy to have you!

PS: If there is any drama or negativity happening in chat, I will be issuing mutes.
So theres no question that there have been issues on the server, mostly with the server crashing. There are a few reasons for that, some of them are explainable, some are not.

Most of the issues popped up after updating the server backend, there is a new major version in beta that we are considering updating to because the current version is just absolute trash in terms of keeping the server stable and online. Mostly whats happening is the CPU and RAM is spiking to the point where the actual server is killing it in order to make sure that the server doesn't explode (exaggeration). Thats why you are seeing the crashes because the panel spikes and then it gets killed.

Secondly we have a lot of plugins on the server and there are a lot of read/write issues with too much trying to be written to the disk and what not. I have plans to fix this including separating different functions to different servers so that each separate server serves 1 role instead of 1 server trying to do everything.

One of the things is the Online Map. All of our players love the online Map, however its a prime source of lag because it runs as a plugin so it causes lag in game, and also is constantly writing new map data to the disk. DynMap is just too resource intensive. So we will be switching back to Minecraft Overviewer (I experimented with this a while back but went back to DynMap due to not being able to get it running right away). Minecraft Overviewer will be running on a completely separate server which will help to eliminate lag on this server. The plan will be for the map to be synced nightly so once per day there will be map updates. Only downfall is that you won't be able to track player locations but I think this is ok because have run into some issues with players following other players. Im also hoping to be able to add better map information so it looks better and is easier to find what you are looking for on the map.

We are also Planning on moving MySQL data to a separate...
Hey Guys, Merry Christmas! I've set up a small little Christmas Scavenger Hunt that you guys can take part in this Christmas! Just head to spawn and go to the Christmas Tree and find the Santa Villager. He'll start you on the Quest.

The Quest will only be available till Sunday.
Staff Applications are currently open. We are looking for 2 moderators. One to cover 8am-2pm Central Time and one to cover 2pm-10pm Central Time.

Please Read This Thread Before making an application:

PLEASE READ IT THOROUGHLY. There is a lot of information and all of it is important.

By now most of you have likely heard and/or seen the parkour arena! Well I am here to tell you that it is officially finished* and you can now try your hand at the parkour!

This is a VERY HARD Parkour Arena that consists of four levels: Ice, Fire, Mesa/Minecart, and Sky. Each room counts as a new checkpoint. The difficulty of each room is defined below:

Ice: Medium
Fire: Very Hard
Mesa: Medium
Sky: Very Difficult

No one has been able to finish the arena yet. The first person to complete it will get a free 3 month Emerald Rank! Its very difficult though, can you complete it? Any other players that complete it will also get a stack of server tokens.

*No one has made it to level 4 so i have not been able to test everything but it should be possible. Changes will be made to all rooms as I find issues with them.

Over the past week we have been testing and slowly integrating Discord into our server and community. Today we are officially announcing our Discord integration and the removal of our teamspeak server.

Wondering what Discord is? Discord is an all in one voice and text chat software that is available on virtually any platform including Most Modern Browsers, Mac, PC, iOS and Android. Discord brings the things people love about TeamSpeak and Skype and improves them to make them better, easier to use and with a gamers usage in mind.

We have set up multiple text channels on the server including 1 channel linked to the server chat meaning that you can chat with players who are currently online in Minecraft from the Discord App. This is great if you can't get on or on the go with your phone and want to stay connected to fellow players.

We also have multiple voice channels so you can speak with other users using voice chat. Because it is hosted by Discord on their servers you can rest assured that there will be 24/7 uptime and the quality should be much better then our old TeamSpeak Server. This also means that we will be abandoning TeamSpeak in favour of Discord.

On top of this you can send private messages to other players in Discord as well so it truly is an all in one messaging and voice communication app.

For more information, visit the Discord website: discordapp.com

You can download the apps for your smartphone on the App Store and Google Play. For the PC and Mac downloads please visit the discord website, or join right now by clicking the join link and joining from your web browser.

If you have any questions, please post them down below and I'll do my best to answer them!

Click Here to Join the Discord Server
birthday.png Hey Everybody! For you Americans (and Canadians), Black Friday Sales are happening today! Usually Black Friday is a great chance to get some sick deals of products. We decided to jump in on the action and have a sale of our own on our Premium Ranks as part of a joint Birthday & Black Friday Sale!

As of now all ranks are 40% off!

Some of you are probably wondering, birthday? Who's birthday is it? Well tomorrow November 28th, is ZephCraft's FIRST birthday! Hard to believe its been a year already. Ill give you all a quick history for those of you who don't know about our little server.

ZephCraft was initially started in September 2014 as a Modded Server between friends of a previous server I use to run, Land of Minecraft. After a few months of playing I realized I really missed having the vanilla server and wanted to bring it back in a new and exciting way so I started working on ZephCraft Vanilla. The Modded server got renamed the ZephonPack and eventually went away due to inactivity for those wondering.

ZephCraft Vanilla was meant to be a clone of the original Land of Minecraft server. I announced that this on November 28th, 2014. I opened the server to the public in January 2015. However after about a month or two I realized that this wasn't what I wanted and it wasn't working very well, so I scrapped the old world and started ZephCraft the right way, as its own entity. In March ZephCraft was re-opened with our Amplified Terrain world and grew into the beast that it is today. Now on our *second* map, a non-amplified world, our community is growing rapidly and our community is having a blast. Its been a crazy year but I think we are on the right track to grow the server even more and I hope there are many more years to come.

Hey Everybody,

Minecraft Forums just launched their own Minecraft Server toplist and we have the ability to attract some new players early on due to it being so new. Right now we are on the first page at 13th overall. If we get some more votes we can hopefully make it into the top 5 and get onto the home page of minecraft forums which should definitely help us attract more players and grow our little community.

So if you have 5 minutes, please make an account on minecraft forums and click the little green arrow on the top right of this page and vote for us. Thanks.


(you can vote once per day and you still get voting rewards just like any other site)
Hey everybody!

Updates are slowly but surely making their way back to the server!

As you all know we are now on the new world. In order to preserve everyones inventories we simply copied and pasted the player files into the new world folder. The only problem with this is that it copied everyones coordinates which means depending on where you were in the old world, you may end up in a strange location when you log onto the new world (assuming you haven't done so already). The reason I am bringing this up, is I want to make sure that if you end up in the middle of the sky, or stuck in a wall or underground, you can quickly type /spawn before you die. We are working on a way to convert the player profiles to have the coordinates point to spawn to avoid this. Again this only affects those of you not already playing on the new world.

If you missed the transfer period for the new world, please make a post in the forums requesting to get onto the test server. From here you can get the coordinates from your build to make a build transfer request. I was going to upload the old world for download but the file was so massive, it would take way to long to download for most players.

SignShop! We have changed over to SignShop which should have some more features over ChestShop. One of which is that your shops will show on the world map so people will be able to quickly find out where shops are at and hopefully bring more income for you! I will post some information guides on SignShop soon so you know how to properly create and manage them.

Speaking of the map, I have added a few things to it including the ability to see other members home locations as well as warp locations. Please let me know if you want to be able to see other members homes, I know this can potentially be a way to attract griefers to your house...but that brings us to our next topic...Grief Prevention!

If you don't already know, you can claim and protect your land with a Golden Shovel which will...