Survival Minecraft at its Finest

Mini games and Specialty Servers are great, but theres nothing like a good old fashion survival minecraft world where you get to build and survive by yourself or with friends. Here at ZephCraft, we focus on creating great survival experiences with plugins that keep the game fresh and fun but still holding true to the idea of exploring, surviving, and building.

The Legend of Kryarth

We are hard at work on a new world. In this world, known as Kryarth, you enter as a wandering traveller who has stumbled upon this new world. You will help build up the kingdoms by making cities, or maybe you'll build a bandit camp in the wilderness. With an ongoing story that is shaped by the actions you the player makes, you are in for a brand new Minecraft experience I am sure you haven't seen anywhere else.

Anti Griefing Server

We are an anti griefing server. We have tools in place to allow you to claim your own land and only allow those you trust to access it. And even if something does get griefed, make a report and we can find out who did it, and roll it back, making sure that your experience on the server stays fun.
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